Hi, I’m Peter Le Pard.

I’m a portrait, landscape and prop painter as well as model maker and some times sculptor. I have 10 years of professional experience working primarily in the scenic and prop painting world of film and television. 

I studied model design and Special Effects on a 3 year degree course at the university of Hertfordshire where I discovered that the processes that most excited me were those involving painting and finishing. From there I worked at various prop making companies painting soft props, weapons, armour, anything you could think of, primarily for stunt performers . The first production I was involved with from start to finish was Wes Anderson’s stop motion animated film, ‘Isle of Dogs’, where I spent the best part of 3 years painting miniature props and set pieces.


Since then I have been involved in various films including; ‘Cats’, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Marvel Studios ‘Eternals’ and many more.

Within my own artistic practice I paint portraits and landscapes, build and paint miniatures from scratch, basically anything to keep my restless hands busy!

I have a workshop at home which allows me to offer prop making and finishing, model making and painting as well as portrait and landscape painting in a variety of media.