Hi I'm Joe,

As a prop maker and set builder, I have 17 years industry experience following a BA in modelmaking for design and media at The Arts Institute, Bournemouth.  My experience so far has been a diverse range of media based jobs from stop motion animation tv series to major feature films.  It’s tricky to categorise yourself within a skillset as a prop maker / set builder as the jobs entail a vast range of skills and practices.  The success of each job relies upon application of learned methods and knowledge of materials to deliver within a set budget and timescale.  The skillsets of a prop maker include sculpting, casting, carpentry, welding, machining, CAD design and dealing with (and adding to) chaos.  I was based in London for the majority of my career up until 2018 when having children made me look for a change in lifestyle.  We moved out of the city & I have set up a comprehensive workshop where I continue to operate.